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Best Buy£ Lines

Launched at the end of 2006, the £ Lines range offers hundreds of products with a retail price of £1, providing great bargains for consumers and huge profits for retailers!

  • Over 300 £-lines to buy at 55p sell at £1, offering a mark-up in excess of 60%
  • Buy in single unit quantities – no minimum purchase required, reducing stock value and risk
  • Look for the yellow and red-featured areas in branches

£ Lines ProductsCategories included:

Kids Stationery
Over 60 £-lines offering great value for home and school use.

A range of fun products ideal for the “pocket money” budget.

Home Office Stationery
Over 60 £-lines offering outstanding value to home users of stationery.

Housewares & Cleaning
A range of over 80 handy items ideal for everyday use.

This range covers the basic tools and equipment required to complete the small jobs around the house.

Look out for the latest lines in each edition of The Deals!

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