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Petrushka Vodka, Imperial Stag Whiskey, Country Choice Cider

Petrushka VodkaPetrushka Vodka

Available in 6x1.5Ltr, 6x1Ltr, 6x70cl, 6x35cl, 6x20cl this value vodka is made up of 96% molasses, allowing a smooth tasting liquid that you can sell with confidence. Produced at the site of one of the country's most reputable distillers, Petrushka is the smoothest vodka that you can buy at entry level prices.

Imperial Stag WhiskeyImperial Stag Whiskey

Available in 6x1.5Ltr, 6x1Ltr, 6x70cl, 6x35cl, 6x20cl, 12x5cl, this whiskey has 25% malt content, which other own brand whiskeys might not be able to claim. The extra malt content allows this three year old blend to be slightly sweeter and have a more rounded mouthfeel. This coupled with the price, means that it is a must stock for any retailer.

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