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Barcode Uploader

Opticon barcode scannerOpticon Barcode Scanner

The Opticon barcode scanner stores more than 10,000 barcodes at one time and has a 512Mb memory for application storage. Other features are scan and delete keys so any mistake can be corrected and a battery life on average of two years. The barcode scanner can be charged through a USB port. Once you have scanned items in your store, you can then upload the details direct to the online shop to create your order.

System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows XP or higher with an active internet connection. Windows 8 users will need to switch to the Desktop to use this software.

Setup Instructions

Before you can use your Opticon barcode scanner you will need to install the Bestway & Batleys Barcode Uploader software. This small piece of software makes it easy to add products straight to your online shopping trolley.

  1. Bestway & Batleys Barcode UploaderDownload the Barcode Uploader software

    Bestway & Batleys Barcode Uploader for Opticon Scanner

  2. Run the setup file

    Follow the instructions on screen to install the software.

    User Account Control promptWindows 7 and below

    You may see a prompt like this asking if you want to allow the program to make changes. Click 'Yes'.

    Windows protected your PC promptWindows 8 and above

    You may see a prompt like this preventing you from running the installer. If so click 'More info' then 'Run anyway'.

  3. Barcode Uploader taskbar iconSetup complete

    Once the software has successfully installed you should see a new taskbar icon in the bottom right corner of your desktop. If you can't see it the icon may be hidden – click the up arrow to reveal more icons.

    Windows 8 users: switch to the Desktop to see taskbar icons.

  4. Barcode Uploader account settingsEnter your account details

    The first time you run the Barcode Uploader software you will be asked to enter your customer number and password. You can also choose whether or not to remove barcodes from your scanner after uploading them to your online trolley.

    Note: to change these settings later, right-click the icon in the taskbar and choose 'Configure account and settings'.

  5. Barcode Uploader windowScan products and connect your scanner

    Having scanned some barcodes, connect your Opticon scanner using the supplied USB cable. A window will pop up showing the number of products scanned. Click the button to upload your order and you will be taken to the Wholesale website where you can import the products to your trolley.

    Windows 8 users: switch to the Desktop to see the status window and build your order.

  6. Barcode Uploader context menuAdditional actions

    Click the taskbar icon at any time to retrieve barcodes from your scanner again.

    Right-click the taskbar icon to bring up a menu of additional functions.


  • If the software doesn't detect your barcode scanner, try disconnecting it from your PC and then reconnecting it. Windows may install device drivers the first time and the software won't work until those are installed.
  • Check that the green light on your scanner is illuminated when connected to your PC. If not, try plugging it in to a different USB port.
  • If nothing happens when you press the large button on the scanner it may need charging. Plug it in to your PC for a while and try again.
  • If you are still experiencing problems please contact us for support.
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